Cloud Security


  • OpenText Corporation


    Security solutions

    With cybercrime evolving rapidly, data security software is no longer optional. Privacy and risk management leaders know that cybersecurity solutions are essential to good information management and critical to protecting one of their business’s most valuable assets—their enterprise data.

  • Exoprise


    Exoprise CloudReady and Service Watch

    Exoprise effectively monitors the health, availability, and performance of applications such as Azure AD, Exchange Online, Teams AV, Outlook Web App, etc. via synthetic sensors and captures real-time metric data in CloudReady. Most sensors are a single sensor credit but some are more so IT administrators should obtain anywhere between 12-18 sensor credits per location depending upon how deeply they want to monitor.

  • Fortinet Inc


    FortiToken Cloud

    Many of today’s most damaging security breaches have been due to compromised user accounts and passwords.

  • Fortinet Inc


    Fortinet Public Cloud Security

    Secure Your Public Cloud Infrastructure and Workloads.

  • Fortinet Inc


    Fortinet Private Cloud Security

    Virtualization and SDN security are rapidly transforming data centers into agile, innovative, and cost-effective private clouds.

  • Fortinet Inc



    Organizations are embracing multiple public cloud platforms, resulting in increased complexity of management which impacts security and risk.

  • Mimecast


    Mimecast Threat Intelligence

    Staying current with the strategies cyber attackers use can be, let’s face it, overwhelming.

  • Broadcom


    Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

    Enable business agility with cloud-native workload protection that integrates with DevOps and CI/CD pipelines.

  • NetScout


    Arbor Cloud

    Arbor Cloud DDoS service delivers a fully managed, best-practices hybrid defense from the data center to the cloud - supported by the world's leading experts in DDoS attack mitigation.




    SpinOne is an all-in-one platform that protects your SaaS data across multiple environments, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce. It integrates with the most popular business apps to deliver seamless work for SecOps aiming to save their time and budget.

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  • Cybrary


    Cybrary is a cybersecurity and IT workforce development platform. Its ecosystem of people, companies, content, and technologies converge to create an ever-growing catalog of online courses and experiential tools that provide IT and cybersecurity learning opportunities to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Cybrary has received industry recognition since its 2015 founding, often being named as an innovator and pioneer in cyber and IT development.

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  • PCS


    PCS delivers computing, networking, multimedia, conferencing and security products and services.

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  • Buchanan Technologies

    Buchanan Technologies

    Buchanan Technologies is more than an IT services leader—we’re pioneering a more flexible, personalized level of service. Organizations and enterprise businesses in the US, Canada and internationally seek out our expert perspective, technical know-how and experienced, boots-on-the-ground workforce, but they stay with us for our humanity.

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  • Mandiant


    Mandiant is on a mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness. We deliver dynamic cyber defense solutions powered by industry-leading expertise, intelligence and innovative technology.

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  • PwC


    PwC has made a worldwide science-based commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. The commitment includes supporting our clients to reduce their emissions as well as reducing those from our own operations and suppliers.

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  • Zilla Security

    Zilla Security

    Zilla is a SaaS platform for access security and compliance. It gives detailed, automated visibility into who has access to what, and provides the tools to automate access reviews and remediate inappropriate access and security settings.

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  • Anjuna


    Anjuna creates a software perimeter around applications that provides hardware-grade security for the applications, completely removing the need to secure

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  • NowSecure


    NowSecure is the mobile app security software company trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations and most advanced security teams.

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