Across organizations of all types and sizes, continuous, high-performance data access grows more essential every year. Day-to-day operations — from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to email — depend on reliable internet connectivity. Outages leave workers idle, incur costs from lost opportunities and tarnish your reputation. Spotty performance reduces application responsiveness, negatively impacts the user experience and makes it impossible to get the full value from real-time collaboration and other critical workloads. To ensure your organization is running smoothly requires a high-performance, modern internet connectivity solution.

Internet connections delivered on fiber networks are a key means for addressing these technical challenges and delivering value to your organization. Spectrum Enterprise Fiber Internet Access (FIA) is a modern, dedicated internet service that enables your users to collaborate and share data with the performance and reliability that today’s businesses need. The quality delivered by Spectrum Enterprise FIA gives you confidence as you equip your organization with the internet access it needs to thrive.

The trend toward fiber adoption is clear. In fact, Grandview Research reports that fiber is the dominant medium for providing high-speed internet connections, growing at a CAGR of 9 percent through 2027. Grandview also reports on the “future-readiness” of fiber connections, “due to their continuously improving technologies to increase bandwidth according to business needs without the deployment of novel networks.

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