Businesses increasingly use customer service as a marketing tactic to help differentiate their products and services in a saturated market. But, in a world of ever-advancing technologies, customer service entails more than simply responding to individual inquiries.

ServiceNow’s modern Customer Service Management (CSM) solution aggregates data to analyze links between customer inquiries, service loads, and develop best-practice workflows for resolving customer complaints and other challenges. Businesses may use these analytics to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales. However, it is often necessary to follow a ServiceNow CSM best practices list.

What is Customer Service Management?

ServiceNow CSM extends beyond conventional solutions to provide faster and more effective services. It refers to a set of tools used by an organization’s help desk to serve customers better and offer non-IT-related unified support to internal and external users. ServiceNow CSM products include:

  • Contract and Entitlement Management
  • Case Management
  • Product and Asset Management
  • Account Management
  • Communities
  • Knowledge Management

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