As a leader within the industry, Akamai provides unmatched security solutions. Today’s organizations rely on applications and APIs for everything; even a momentary disruption could lead to millions of dollars in reputational damages and lost revenue. With increasing threats coming from everywhere across the globe, enterprises need a better way to secure their applications and APIs.

It’s believed that a malicious attack occurs every 39 seconds. IoT devices and the proliferation of bots have made malicious attacks far more commonplace. The average cost of a data breach may soon exceed $150 million, and many organizations will find themselves closing their doors permanently after such a significant attack.

But Akamai can help. Akamai provides a full suite of security solutions designed to help protect applications and APIs right out of the box. With expert guidance, organizations can fine-tune and optimize their application and API security, eliminate downtime and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

Akamai and partners like Red River can help your organization reveal security issues in your applications and APIs before they become disruptive while detecting and mitigating incoming and ongoing security threats.

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